Tronhammer's Arena of Death

To celebrate the advent of the End Times in the Old World, and to add a bit more incentive to the painting competition, we bring you...


Combatants will be chosen from among those entered in the painting competition. If you are not participating in this, then feel free to come along and bring your favourite special character and see how they fare!

The Rules

  • Combatants must be special characters an entry within a valid current army book.
  • Combatants must be fully clothed (read; painted).
  • Each participant will roll a dice to decide who gets the first turn, for purposes of the Magic phase.
  • Both combatants will count as charging in the first round.
  • Attacks will be made in order of initiative. In the case of a draw, the combatant whose turn it is will attack first (to avoid draws).
  • All spells will be generated separately for each fight.
  • Rules for End Times magic will be used.
  • Conflicting magic items are rolled off each turn to see which applies (eg "Always hits on a 2+" vs "Only hit on a 6").
  • There will be no Psychology of Break tests.
  • Combatants count as being in a Challenge.
  • Only one combatant per side - unless specified in the army book (for example Naestra & Arahan).
  • No summoning (no way for summoned units to enter arena).

Tournament structure will be decided on the day, but is likely to be single or double elimination.

Event is 'just for fun', so will not have prizes (besides bragging rights).

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