The Nuln Expeditionary Force - by Timothy Lind

The Expeditionary Force in Nuln has a chequered history. Founded by Bastian Hammerstein when he was Arch-Lector, the army was set against the rise of an ambitious Vampire bloodline; the von Draks. The war was won, but the damage was great. His reputation, as well as his sanity in tatters, Hammerstein's command was eventually replaced by the prodigious Timothias Lindmann, who quickly rose through the ranks of the Holy Order of Templars. Now Lord Protector, Lindmann enjoys a great deal of autonomy from the City-State's official standing army, and leads the Nuln Expeditionary Force in 'unofficial business', battles far beyond the city walls - be it for pre-emptive strikes, purging known heretical covens, the acquisition of items of power to use in the battle against the forces of destruction, or in aid of his network of allies.

Timothias Lindmann
The Legendary Witch Hunter General and Lord Protector of the Holy Order of the Templars of Sigmar. He rose to fame during the war against the von Draks and took over Hammerstein's command of the Nuln Expeditionary Force. Since then their assignments have primarily involved Templar business.

Bastian Hammerstein
Former Arch-Lector and famed Defender of Nuln during the war against the von Draks. Bastian's power has waned immensely since those days, his mind broken from the final comprehension of von Drak's insane scheme, generations in the planning, and his own father's role in it. Hammerstein was ousted from the role of Arch-Lector in the years following the invasion, as his mind and ideals became more and more unsound. He can still be seen at the head of his old companions and still-loyal followers, the Bastards of Nuln, or 'Bastian's Bastards' as they are known locally, tending to thier 'spiritual' needs. Suffice it to say, when the Bastards raise hell, it is in the name of Sigmar.

Leon von Liebowitz
Second cousin to Countess Emmanuelle, Leon is universally ignored by the ruling elite of Nuln. His drunken debauchery and exotic tastes in Halfling ale and wenches alike have made him long time comrade and leader to the Bastards of Nuln, and life-long companion to Bastian Hammerstein. Upon Lindmann's appointment to Lord protector, von Liebowitz has taken over duties associated with bearing the Griffon Standard.

Gotthard Gründel
Grandson of the Gründel who led the famous Gründel's Defender's against the von Draks. The canny Sergeant Gotthard saw how ineffectual and archaic spears were in modern warfare ('pointed sticks' as he called them), and led sweeping changes to the armament of the Defenders. Utilising the Emperor's decree of mandatory standing forces of trained halberdiers, Gründel had a huge base of manpower to draw from when he reformed the famous regiment and armed them with the more effective halberd, which had the reach of the spear but which was able to slash as well as thrust.

Brother Wigfeld
A fanatically loyal Warrior Priest of the Cult of Sigmar who followed Bastian after his expulsion from the Cult. Assigned to Gründel's Defenders, Wigfeld ensures the State Troops under Lindmann's command know exactly where their loyalties lie.

The Lindmann War Altar
The Imperial War Altar, adorned with the Golden Griffon, is used primarily by the Grand Theogonist himself, and is only assigned to the Arch-Lectors at times of great need. For Timothias Lindmann, such times are frequent, so he deemed it necessary to exert his influence on the Holy Order of Templars to commission this Righteous Vehicle of Cleansing Faith. The gold statue of the God-Emperor Sigmar acts as a receiver, conduit and amplifier to the power of the stubborn faith of those who follow Sigmar. A lectern has been installed which holds one of the many vile, heretical grimoires owned by Lindmann in order to combat Necromancy and Chaos. The brutal hook fastened to the rear of the machine has been of much use in extracting confessions and executing cultists and witches alike.

The Ogre Bro's (Brogres?)
Soon after Hammerstein's ascension to Arch Lector, three small babies were left on the door step of the Nuln Temple of Sigmar. Bastian raised the children as his own, and over the years no-one really noticed that they were in fact ogres. The trio now follow their foster father into battle.

Wilhelm (Bill) - Assigned to the Nuln State Myrmidons

Berthold (Bert) - Assigned to Bastian's Bastards

Tomas (Tom) - Assigned to Gründel's Defenders

The Brutal Bastards of Nuln (aka Bastian's Bastards)
The name is tongue in cheek - the 'Bastards' are in fact a regiment of disgraced noblemen; criminals and womanisers every one. Old drinking buddies of Hammerstein before he entered the church, the Bastards became renowned during the War against the von Draks. Bastian leads them still, and they remain his loyal retinue.

Gründel's Defenders
Historically charged with defending Nuln's atillery battery with spears and shields after the embarrassing sacking of the city by Grom the Paunch. The Defender's have been commandeered by Hammerstein and Lindmann, and re-equipped with the more modern halberd.

Nuln State Pistolkorps
Like most provinces and cities of the Empire, Nuln is home to a small base of Pistolkorps. Driven to battle by the lust for glory and fame, the Nuln Pistolkorps fall right in with Lindmann's intensive warmongering activities, where they are bound to see the most action.

Nuln State Myrmidons
Just as skilled as the state swordsmen of Nuln, the Myrmidons are notably more mercenary. Led my a mysterious figure known only as 'The Man with the Golden Sword', the Myrmidons provide support to the mainstay of the Expeditionary force. For a fee.

Black Reik Fusiliers
Led by Jak Scharf, one of the famous Scharf twins of the Gunnery School, the Fusiliers are a regiment of highly decorated handgunners. Their accuracy, as well as their bravery, is unparalleled - save maybe for the elite Nuln 'Ironsides'.

Long Tom
The Gunnery School in Nuln casts nearly every artillery piece employed in the Emperor's Armies. It is a gigantic complex of mighty forges and the Elector Counts spend much of their wealth to acquire the Gunnery School's finest pieces and to have their artillerymen trained by its gunnery captains. 

Proud to uphold the great tradition of Nuln gunners, the crew of Long Tom are especially proficient.

Ol' Cranky
The life expectancy of a crew member for Ol' Cranky is remarkably low, even for men of the Empire. Unable to secure one of the more reliable models from the Gunnery School, Lindmann has been forced to make do with the seemingly inexhaustible supply of notably gullible Gunnery students eager to prove their worth and earn their rank with a stint manning Ol' Cranky.

Fury of Franz
From the experimental workshop of the Gunnery School. Nuln engineers have worked long and hard to modify and improve Master Engineer Herman Faulkstein's original rocket machine. Though initially named in tribute of the Emperor's usual reaction to requests for research grants, the devastating effect of the machine on the field of battle has made the name high praise indeed.

The Steam Tank Deliverance entered service in the year 2035 and its many battlefield performances have made it legendary. Deliverance caused untold carnage to the foe during the Great War Against Chaos after which it was honoured with the Imperial Cross by newly elected Emperor Magnus the Pious.