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NZ Age of Sigmar Masters Tournament 2017 - Day 1

Coming to you live from my keyboard in a seedy motel in Paraparaumu - Tim and Jim present the 2017 Masters Tournament Day One Results!

You can find the list coverage in our last post. Please note that the match-ups changed a few times as some people were unable to attend, so the pairings were re-seeded.

I will cover the game play in more detail in later posts, and will just share the main highlights in results here.

Just wanted to start with a massive THANK YOU to Nicholas J., the tournament organiser, as it has been a very well-organised event. Without exception, the players have been demonstrating top sportsmanship, and have brought their A-game. There have been no easy matches for anyone so far.

At the bottom of this post are some pictures from the event, so scroll down for a look.

Lastly, big thanks to the big 'gee-dubs' for the prize support! Hoping the Tron can take the big prize home for 2017!

Please note: Toolbox, alarm clock, and Shadespire Core Set are not part of the prize pool...


Julien L (12 VP - 2000 KP) beat Shalom W (0 VP - 280 KP)
James P (12 VP - 1560 KP) beat Will M (0 VP - 80 KP)
Aiden N (12 VP - 970 KP) beat Lee W (0 VP - 540 KP)
Matt B (12 VP - 1320 KP) beat Seth M (0 VP - 380 KP)
Shaun T (12 VP - 1480 KP ) beat Rex F (0 VP - 600 KP)
Matt W (12 VP - 1500 KP) beat Tim L (0 VP - 1340 KP)
Bo P (12 VP - 1120 KP) beat Hayden H (0 VP - 1780 KP)

Bo beating Hayden was probably the upset of the round, as you can probably tell by the kill point totals! I had a cracking game against Matt W, who played the objectives well, despite a 'brain-melt' moment in which he let my Necromancer slip through his fingers, onto an objective (Cloak of Mist and Shadows for the win)! Aiden vs Lee also resulted in a lower-seed beating a higher seed.


Julien L (12 VP - 1960 KP) beat Hayden H (0 VP - 510 KP)
James P (12 VP - 2000 KP) beat Matt W (0 VP - 540 KP)
Aiden N (12 VP - 1980 KP) beat Tim L (0 VP - 1100 KP)
Matt B (12 VP - 1580 KP) beat Rex F (0 VP - 440 KP)
Shaun T (12 VP - 1920 KP) beat Seth M (0 VP - 370 VP)
Shalom W (12 VP - 1140) beat Will M (0 VP - 1500)
Lee W (12 VP - 1250 KP) beat Bo P (0 VP - 1350 KP

Mine and Aiden's game was not even close. I kept myself in the game by playing to the objectives, but in the end could not stand up to the Pestilens. It was a rough scenario for me, and his army countered mine nicely. Very excited to see Aiden finally reach ascendency...

Other upsets included Lee beating Bo, winning the Sylvaneth face-off! The Dreadgrove is in competent hands and is showing results.


Julien L (12 VP - 2000 KP) beat Bo P (0 VP - 370 KP)
James P (12 VP - 1630 KP) beat Lee W ( VP - 300 KP)
Aiden N (12 VP - 1990 KP) beat Shaun T (0 VP - 770 KP)
Matt W (12 VP - 1040 KP) beat Matt B (0 VP - 1580 KP)
Shalom W (8 VP - 1720 KP) beat Rex F (4 VP - 160 KP)
Tim L (12 VP - 1480 KP) beat Seth M (0 VP - 80 KP)
Will M (12 VP - 860 KP) beat Hayden H (0 VP - 1440 KP)

A round of big upsets! Aiden beating Shaun was a massive deal. Shaun is by no means out of the podium race , but he is depending on the kill points scored in the top bracket. Matt W beating Matt B was also big from looking at the seeding.


Battleplan: Three Places of Power (GHB 2016)

Julien L vs James P
Aiden N vs Matt B
Shaun T vs Matt W
Shalom W vs Tim L
Bo P vs Will M
Lee W vs Rex F
Hayden H vs Seth M

A Note on Pairings

If you are wondering how the pairings worked for day one; there are 8 players in the 'upper' bracket, and 6 players in the 'lower' bracket after each round. The highest seeded player in each bracket plays the lowest seeded player in the same bracket. What this means is that players can lose but still fit into the top bracket, based on their kill point score. There is a small chance that players can still win from the lower bracket.

On day two, we have moved to straight 'Swiss Pairings', with the closest players in points play each other, moving to the next closest if they have already been matched together.

Some Pictures

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