Monday, November 14, 2016

Wellington Warhost 2016 Results

It was a fantastic weekend of wargaming in Aro Valley, Wellington. Fourteen players, 2,500 point armies, and four games each made for an impressive spectacle.

The final results were as follows:

1st Place: James Page (Tomb Kings)
2nd Place: Tim Lind (Deathlords)
3rd Place: Matthew Britton (Beastclaw Raiders)

Best Painted Army: Tim Lind
Best Opponent: Aiden Nicol

Congratulations to the above! Standout armies also included Shaun T's Khorne, who were unbeaten until the last round against TK for first place, Shaun B's Stormcast Retributor bomb, and Ron G's Ironjawz, who all performed very well.

Deathlords strike a pose
I personally had a much better result than anticipated, in no small part due to some epic luck in my last two games. The first was against Ron's Ironjawz, where Curse of Years triggered full death mode against 20 'Ard Boys and then again on the Maw Crusha, allowing me to secure the win. The second was against Shaun's Retributor list, where the teleporting unit of 15 Retributors failed to kill Nagash, and then me winning the double turn to summon some troops and capture all four objectives at the top of turn 3 (Blood and Glory Scenario).

As for my top pics - Shaun and Hayden were my two choices that didn't make it into the top 5. Had I not won my last two games it may have been pretty much spot on. Matt's army proved the stronger of the two Beastclaw Lists, the Magma Dragon proving a bit too much for some of his opponents to deal with.

I filmed most of my games on my phone, so will edit that up and produce a YouTube video sometime soon. The last two were especially exciting. In the meantime, check out some of the pictures from the weekend below.

MASSIVE THANKS to the generous sponsors who provided prizes. Without you the weekend would not have been so special. Thank you for helping to grow this wonderful game.
  • Games Workshop Wellington
  • Mighty Ape
  • Nathan Smith
  • James McPherson
  • James Page
  • Ron Golds
Thanks also to the ringer players. We had a bit of uncertainty in the build up to the event due to various health concerns, and had a cadre of gamers on standby to fill in. I hope you enjoyed the games you played and look forward to seeing you again!
  • Fraser Baker
  • Austin Ronald
  • Thomas Lissington
Full Results

Picture from the multiplayer game from Saturday night - 8 players over two tables with a Realmgate connecting them!

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