Monday, January 25, 2016

Age of Sigmar Army Lists for OTT 2016

With only a few weeks left until Over The Top 2016, preparations have stepped up a few levels.

The player's packs are ready. The PDF version is available on-line, but I have printed them as booklets because they list the full set of scenarios being used. I have also prepared some scoring sheets and rule tokens.

We found the custom rule tokens to be very useful in our games, so I went ahead and made enough for everybody.

Last night I finished painting the army I will be taking to the event. With the two weeks remaining I hope to be able to get some new terrain pieces painted up.

The final field of AOS players at OTT sits at four. It was always going to be interesting to see what numbers would be like, but I was heartened by all the interest. In most cases the dates just didn't work for people. At one point we had 8 players wanting to come. I look forward to future events and seeing this number grow. Most entrants so far have not attended a gaming event, so I hope to keep the atmosphere casual.

There is still time to register if you are interested. Just flick me an email for more info.

On to the lists. We are using the UK Independent Pool Document  and Clash Comp rules for this event, which were just updated in the last few days. The basic idea is that we bring along up to 15 pool choices worth of models. For each game, we deploy up to 10 pool choices worth of models, which allows players to customise their force for each opponent.

Undead Deathrattle Horde

Dark Aelf Exiles

Aelf Highborn

Stormcast Eternals

The biggest consideration for the players writing the lists is the ability to hold objectives, as this is the main win condition. Single models cannot hold objectives, so there needs to be a good amount of 'rank and file'. The armies with shooting attacks have a big advantage over the Undead army, but this is tempered by the ability to regenerate. The Stormcast army is not taking the Thunderstrike Brotherhood Warscroll Battalion, which would have allowed them to 'deep strike' over objectives, in favour of just placing more bodies on the table.

With the four players we will likely play a round robin round, and then a final round to determine the champion. 

This weekend will see some practice games being played at the first of a series of regular AOS gaming events at our local store Gaming DNA. If you are interested in an escalating campaign, and can spare a few hours once a month, feel free to register. I will be posting more info on this blog.

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