Tuesday, April 14, 2015

WFB Campaign - The Gathering Storm: Part 2

Death in the Oberslecht

The shattered map fragments blaze like signal fires in the minds of the wizards. After the initial clash before the walls of Stromdorf, the Empire force races to claim the remaining artifact with the Elves nipping at their heels.

As time is of the essence, both forces rush blindly into the wild marshes of the Oberslecht. Deep within the mists of the marshes Galharain's mage sight fails him. A corrupting influence is afoot…

The second artifact is discovered lashed to a herdstone in the middle of the swampy region known as the Oberslecht. The braying of wild beasts is heard is the distance, as the two armies become aware of each other through the storm. Scattered due to low visibility, a bloody fight ensues.

The Nuln Steam Tank Deliverance spots the artifact first. Modifications to the wheels allow the machine to churn through the swamp with greater efficiency. The rain and mud splash onto the piping hot engine and the tank emerges from a cloud of steam to slam into the herdstone. The engineer swiftly secures the artifact.

The Magnus Gate Halberdiers cheer on the nearby field guns as they wreck havoc amongst the oncoming Tiranoc Chariots. As they emerge through the sheets of rain they see the Demigrpyh Knights in hard battle with some Silver Helms led by an Elf on a giant eagle. They charge through the foliage and assist in the melee, breaking the elves and running them down.

Luthor Huss and the Knights Gruffon are faced with a more challenging foe - a monstrous Phoenix navigates the lightning strikes overhead. Another unit of Silverhelms, seeking vengeance on the Witch Hunter van Korden, ride him down along with the huntsmen and the great cannon.

The Arch-Lector enters the battle, his war altar being towed through the unforgiving landscape by a contingent of frenzied flagellants, eager for final penance. The light emanating in a halo around the Golden Griffon is like a beacon in the storm.

The Knights Griffon are decimated by bowfire from the trees. The Sisters of Avelorn Pathfinders methodically hunt down straggling Empire troops in their hunt for the artifact.

Deliverance moves in to assist the Celestial Wizard Niklaus Schulmann and the Ironsides, but not before the gunners are forced to flee under the onslaught of the Knights of the Crimson Heart.

The Elven Archmage Galharain is brought to bay in the corner of the swampland. The remaining Empire forces converge to try to end his magical influence. However, the prowess of the Elven bow-fire wreck a heavy toll on the encroaching troops.

Desperate to close the distance to the archers and avoid more casualties, the halberdiers enter the swamp, but many more are drowned during the advance. The steam tank Deliverance powers up the engine for a final devastating collision to wipe out the Elves. Disaster strikes as the floatation device rigged to the underside of the tank fails, and the entire contraption sinks beneath the swamps. Upon witnessing this, the nearby bolt thrower crew gracefully dart forward to secure the second artifact.

Arch-Lector Kaslain and Archmage Galharain face off for the first time. Elven magic is negated by a shield of faith, while righteous fury is held at bay by arcane barriers. The duel ends in a stalemate, as the Elves melt back into the wilderness, their objective achieved.

The two forces now hold one artifact each, and the final battle to control the fulcrum is looming.

[Graeme and I have yet to play the last (few) battles, but I hope you enjoy what we have played so far via Gray's awesome camera work. I will next post up the scenario rules we have been using. Stay tuned!]

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