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Campaign Rules for The Gathering Storm

Below are the rules we used for our campaign games to date. I have added some suggestions and lessons learned under each. Gray made use of the Border Wars interactive book for iPad, and I encourage the use of this material to help get your campaigns started!

After playing through these out-of-the-ordinary games, I really believe they offer the tactical wargamer a new level of strategy to challenge them, away from the standard ETC battle-line.

For full battle reports, follow the links below:

Game 1 - Ghosts at the Walls


The battle takes place outside the walls of Stromdorf. A river will run through the centre. A castle will be set up running the length of one side to represent Stromdorf.

The game is to be based on the Guerilla War scenario with these additions:

  • The empire defending force/ search party (25-50 models up to 500 pts) will be set up searching the river. To represent this they must be set up touching the river banks. Randomise for each model to see if they are on the north or the south bank.
  • Every Man For Himself. Each model acts as unit! (panic can be issue that needs to be managed)
  • Night Fight is in effect. 4D6 visibility (roll each turn)
  • After the forces are deployed randomise the location of the arcane map fragment in the river

Extra rules we used to tie it into the campaign:

  • Victory is achieved by moving the artifact off your board edge or by causing 50% casualties.
  • To represent the town watch, the defender can roll for reinforcements. These can appear anywhere on the castle walls or through the gates. This force will be comprised of 250 points and each model will be rolled for individually 
  • The artifact can be picked up during normal move (not a march or charge). The side that carries it can channel an extra dice (and use it next battle too!)
Lessons Learned: At the start of our game we decided that fleeing Empire troops would head for the city wall and then make for the gate. However this meant that they had much more time to rally than the Elf forces. If we were to run this again we would set the walls up as the table edge, rather than 6" in from the edge, and any Empire troop reaching the walls is removed.

This scenario also demonstrates some very simple skirmish rules that require absolutely no re-learning. Panic tests are everywhere, so you will need to plan accordingly!

Game 2 - Death in the Oberslecht

A Herdstone on a hill is in the centre of the board. The map piece is attached. The rest of the board should reflect a civilisation-free wilderness (lots of rocks, trees, shrubs).

The game is to be based on Surprise Encounter with these additions:
  • Units may not deploy within 12” of the Herdstone.
  • The artifact can be picked up during normal move (not a march or charge). The side that carries it can channel an extra dice (and use it next battle too!)
  • Get off our land! A unit of Gors come in as reinforcements, each turn the players roll to control them, but they will continue their combat with whomever they are in contact with. They must charge the closest unit.

Lessons Learned: Unfortunately we couldn't get our hands on a unit of Gors, but the game was chaotic enough! The same scenario (or very similar) can be found in the back of the 8th edition rulebook. You start at very close proximity to enemy units, often without support so troops that can hold their own do very well. There will be fighting right from Turn 1, and so 'mop up' capability will make the difference in later rounds.

Weather Table

Roll 1D6 at the start of each player turn. 

On the roll of a 1, roll a further 2D6 and consult the following Weather Chart. 

In Game 2, these weather effects are triggered on a 1 or a 2. 

In Game 3, they are triggered in a 1, 2 or a 3. 

Any side in possession of an artifact rolls the dice to trigger weather effects with a -1 modifier for each.

Weather Chart

Roll 2D6 to see what is affected: 

2-5 = Shooting Affected

D6 1-3 Heavy Rain - All non-war machine  Ballistic Skill shooting is at -1 for this turn.

D6  4-6 Soaked– All war machines need 4+ to fire this turn.

6-8 = Movement Affected

Sodden Ground - All Movement is at -D3 for this turn (includes Charges, Fleeing, Random Movement).

9-12  = Special Effects

D6 1-2 God-like Thunder - All units are -1 LD for the remainder of the turn.

D6 3-4 Flooding - Player whose turn it is may add one swamp piece to the table (Place token, scatter 4D6, place swamp touching token)

D6 5-6 Lightning Strike - Roll a D6 for each unit in the battlefield (friend and foe). If a '6' is rolled, that unit takes D6 S4 hits as lightning damage. War Machines, units that Fly, or units that have an armour save of 5+ or better are affected on a 5 or a 6. Units carrying the artifact are hit on a 4, 5 or a 6.

Lessons Learned: There are several weather-effect tables out there, from the General's Compendium to the Albion Campaign book. We opted for one with minimal impact to our games.

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