Tuesday, April 03, 2012

D.I.Y. Demigryph Bases - 50 mm x 75 mm

So here's the situation; my Nuln army will soon be receiving reinforcements from the Knights Griffon Inner Circle riding Demigryphs. Six of them to be precise.

I already have the Warhammer Forge Theodore Bruckner model, a special character from Nuln (with all the iconography of the City of the Griffon Emperors) and I thought it would be freakin' awesome if he was able to fit into this unit, either as a unit filler or as a Preceptor/Grand Master.

The problem is, he comes on a chariot base (50 mm x 100 mm) and the Demigryph bases are 50 mm x 75 mm monster sized, meaning he will not fit in a manner pleasing to my 'Hobby OCD'.

However, Bruckner would fit remarkably well onto the 50 mm x 75 mm base. Unfortunately the GW online store does not sell this particular base size (though it sells most others). A brief email conversation with a 'hobby rep' from GW Australia indicated that there are no immediate plans to release these bases for individual sale. The suggestion was I take a normal 50 mm square base and a cavalry base (50 mm x 25 mm) and glue them together.

Well, OK, better than nothing. If anyone else out there is in the same boat as me, here is how I did it in case you need some ideas. You will probably have a better solution than me too, with more supplies at hand to make it happen (and if so, please let me know how you fared!).

To start with, I lined the two bases up and cut small gaps in the sides. Into these I pressed straightened paper clips to try and keep them lined up and reinforce them, and then filled in as well as I could with superglue and green stuff.

Once that was stable enough, I flipped the base over and green-stuffed the gap between them, trying to make it as smooth as possible. I added some superglue as well to try and give it some more strength.

After that, it was a matter of working it to make sure the base sat flat. The only problem I can see with this solution so far is that the cavalry base is slightly thinner than the monster base, but I reckon this discrepancy will vanish once I get some sand and PVA glue on there.

So yeah, pretty simple, didn't take long and was not very fiddly. It remains to be seen however how it will hold up in battle. Hopefully having the miniature pinned and glued on will help keep it rigid. 

Bruckner seems to fit the base size just fine, so bring on the Demigryph's!

My direwolf, Freyja, 'helping out'.


  1. I'm all in support of making ones own bases. Mine are no where near as reinforced like yours so they should stand up to a fair bit of battle damage. Good to see that you're fielding the new goodies for Empire, they do looks pretty. I'm especially looking forward to my Wodd Elves peppering that Chook on steroids with tooth picks. You guys have been so nice to fatten it up for us. Should feed all the family and the rellies too :D
    Gotta remind you Tronsta's that we have the Bombay cup, yes we have it! Hope the Tron troops are coming up in force to compete for it again at NiCon baby!!

  2. Yeah dude, NiCON - it's on like Powder Monkey. Should be a few of us coming, Troy is due to receive his models from the UK this week - has a pretty Mordian IG army he can't wait to show off! At this stage it looks like we will have four attending for Fantasy though, keen to have another go for the silverware :)

    Actually just after making my demigryph base I decided to move all my Empire bases to resin - I hope to use the Dragon Forge Temple range (dragonforge.com), and try to emulate Dave Taylor's Nuln army. Just put a huge order in from the UK of the new models so should have something nice for the woodies to pincushion.


  3. Hello sir,

    I don't believe we have met, however, I've jimmied a few bases together in my time and found that a good joiner is actually ice cream lids. Obviously not the circles bump in the middle, but the rest cut and glued to the bases can make a very nice flat stable base.

    Just my two cents was all


    1. Hey mate, I reckon we've attended the same tournament though :)

      Great idea RE ice cream lids. I was trying to find something around here that would do the trick; I had some 0.5 mm tin squares cut up for my magnetised movement trays which would have been great, but I have nothing to trim them down with.

      After getting this base made though, I discovered a great range of resin bases which I will be using for my army (http://dragonforge.com/Painting%20service/for%20sale/base_sets/fantasy/temple.htm) so I will be using those. Nice to know I can create my own if needed though.

      Will hopefully get to meet you properly MK at the next City Guard event :)