Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here's the New Empire Stuff for April

The store order list for the FLGS's are in and the birdy's are singing on Warseer! Witch Hunter... totally called it :) Glad to see the Demigryph's are in too.

Here is the You Tube Teaser!


7th of April, new stuff
Empire Army book 33 EUR
Karl Franz on Death Claw 1 fig. plastic 43 EUR
Empire Celestial Hurricanium/Luminark of Hish 1 fig. plastic 39 EUR (no clue what it is but I guess something like the new VC thingymagic)
Empire Demigryph Knights 3 fig. plastic 43 EUR
Captain plastic 1 fig. 10,5 EU
Engineer plastic 10,5 EUR
Volkar on war altar plastic 1 fig 39 EUR
witch hunter 1 fig resin 13 EUR
Markus Wolfhart 1 fig resin 13 EUR
Empire amber wizard 1 fig resin splash release 13 EUR
Warrior priest 1 fig resin 13 eur

Warhammer: The Empire (English)*
Karl Franz, on Deathclaw*
Empire Celestial Hurricanum / Luminark of Hysh*
Empire Demigryph Knights*
Captain of the Empire*
Empire Master Engineer*
Volkmar the Grim on The War Altar of Sigmar*
Empire Witch Hunter*
Markus Wolfhart*
Empire Amber Battle Wizard*
Empire Warrior Priest*
General of the Empire*
Empire State Troops*
Empire Handgunners / Crossbowmen*
Empire Free Company Militia*
Empire Great Cannon / Mortar*
Empire Greatswords*
Empire Flagellant*
Empire Steam Tank*
Empire Volley Gun / Rocket Battery*
Empire Battle Wizards*
Empire Pistoliers / Outriders*
Kurt Helborg, Reiksmarshall of the Empire*
Ludwig Schwarzhelm, the Emperors Champion*
Captain of the Empire with Hammer and Pistol

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