Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Empire Pics! UPDATE: Rules snippets and new scans


Ghal Maraz on the new WD;

What I can get from the WD: 
Units led by Empire Generals and Captains roll 3D6 for Break Test, discard highest; 
Witch Hunters have Sniper and Killing Blow; 
Imperial Griffons are S6, 5W - I don't have my old Army Book here, but it seems to me these are different? They can be two-headed as a special option (with built-in game effect); 
Karl Franz grants his Ld to models within 18"; 24" if he is upon Deathclaw or the Imperial Dragon; 
Deathclaw has +1 A and Ld respect an Imperial Griffon, the usual faithful rule and makes enemy units roll an additional D6, discard lowest when testing Fear/Terror caused by it.
The General on the Imperial Griffon model has the option of two heads (helmetd or not) and lance or sword (different from the Reikland Runefang). 
The two magic altars can be fielded without Wizard on top, thus counting as a rare choice (I guess that was already known). 
Demi-Gryphs Knights with cavalry halberds are shown with the shield too (I guess they'll use it only against shooting).   
That's all. The rest is fluff, photos, pictures and a beautiful map.
 EDIT: OK, i'm a slow poster. I can confirm almost all of what is in the post above mine. The LD rule applies to units led by General/Captain.


In light of all this goodness, definite plans include;

New Demigryph riders. The Order of the Knights Griffon to be precise, because of their Nuln origins and the griffon symbology working so well with the Nuln heraldry. Will pass on the Wizard mounts, as I prefer not to use the magic side too much. Depending on whether the rumoured witch hunter gets rules or not, I might finally retire my Avatars of War witch hunter and pick up an actual Arch-lector model - this new one is just so sweet. I might also get a General on Griffon because I like the model so much, though probably won't use it.

So I am now waiting with baited breath for what is changing in the army book!

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  1. no mirrer ting,it makes my 'ead 'urt. Smoken metal ting shuld cost more and all ov dem big bang tings double da cost...