Monday, January 09, 2012

Project Plans for 2012

Way too much goodness to get into this year, but it's nice to have aspirations!

1. Growing the Empire Force

Currently I have about 5,500 points worth, including Warhammer Forge things. Rumours heavily indicate an 8th Edition Empire army book April/July this year, so I am ready and willing to add the necessary toys to the Nuln force as needed. Anticipating a War Altar or Wagon of some kind, some Priests (maybe look at Morrites) and some monstrous cavalry. So long as it fits the Nuln City State theme, I'm in!

2. Heinrich Kemmler's Glorious Dead of Maisontaal Abbey

I am very excited about the new Vampire Counts army book. The 4th Edition Undead book was my first ever WFB purchase, and my first army was led by Krell. Now that I am older and more employed, I can look at fulfilling my original dreams of a Heinrich Kemmler-led wight legion.

I pre-ordered the new Finecast Krell and Heinrich, and will look at more soon. The latest White Dwarf has an excellent template army by Matt Hudson that I will try and build from, which is along similar lines to the concept I want to try and achieve, and looks something like this;

Heinrich Kemmler, The Lichemaster

350 points

Krell, Lord of Undeath

205 points

The Tainted

Cairn Wraith
60 points

The Black

Cairn Wraith
60 points

The Glorious Dead of Maisontaal Abbey

39 Skeleton Warriors with musician, standard bearer with Banner of the Eternal Flame and Skeleton Champion
235 points

The Shambling Horde

40 Zombies with musician and standard bearer
130 points

The Undying

20 Skeleton Warriors with musician, standard bearer and Skeleton Champion
130 points

Krell's Doomed Legion

20 Grave Guard with musician, standard bearer with Banner of the Barrows and Seneschal.
300 points

The Black Knights

10 Black Knights with barding, lances, musician, standard bearer and Hell Knight.
290 points

The Lost Relic of Maisontaal Abbey

Mortis Engine with Blasphemous Tome
300 points

Total: 2,000 points
Very excited! Obviously can't take it to NZ tournaments, but looking forward to realising a much loved idea, especially with these awesome modern sculpts.

3. Warhammer Fortress and Siege Equipment

At the end of last year I splashed out on the Fortress kit, and all the old siege accessories that are not still available on GW's website I got off ebay. I cannot wait to get it all painted up and have some siege games with my mates! This will tie in with campaign plans...

4. Club Campaign

I wanted to have this running over a year ago, but we never really got around to starting it. The new Blood in the Badlands book is a great update to the Mighty Empires rules and I intend to make good use of them. Tamurkhan also provided some great options, as did Storm of Magic, so now I am glad we waited before starting. I want to get some Warmaster models to use as army tokens for the map before we begin.

5. Realm of Battle

Amidst all this other hobby expenditure, I want to save enough for the Realm of Battle tiles. These look excellent, and eventually we will have a custom table made to house it. I anticipate Warhammer Forge to release some tiles eventually too.

For the table, I guess I need to finish my many other terrain projects as well.

So I think I have my hands (and living room) full!


  1. Sounds great. I look forward to seeing your posts on the vampire counts and how the new army looks and feels. And awesome stuff with the siege stuff. I remember it first coming out and so desperately wanting it but not being able to afford it.

  2. Bring your undead list to OTT next year! Make sure you come in may, I have game 1 reserved for you and I with your empire, I will bring 8 Pump wagons and 4 manglas with a million fanatics, you can bring your 7 canons, 4 rocket batteries and 6 engineers to void all those misfires....

  3. Cheers guys!

    The Wight list won't be competitive probably, way too slow and not enough tools to counter tourney lists. But I love it all the same.

    Will definitely look at coming over in May, Hamish! A little less of the artillery this time though probably lol