Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Name-Dropping like a Boss

First up, congratulations to Dan Butler, who made the New Zealand ETC Team 2012! Very proud to have our good friend and one of the boys up there. And now the play testing begins...

Recently Tamurkhan has been rocking my Old World. I finished reading it last week and can’t wait to do a review on it here. Dan is absorbing it right now, so once he has defiled it, the way Daemons like to do, I will have my say! Suffice it to mention that it is a very juicy tome, with some great campaign suggestions like I had been hoping. The story is very well written to boot.

Speaking of which, Forge World released an interview with author Alan Bligh. It’s a great summary, and a nice insight into the book’s creation. They even answer three questions submitted from the FW Facebook page, the first of which is mine! Quite a buzz for me, given the many hundreds of questions submitted. It was from before the book had gone on sale and was happy to see that my question was answered after reading the book anyway.

Cheers Warhammer Forge!

So to celebrate this I am writing a name-dropping special edition blog post.

I saw lots of cool stuff come out of the Games Day conventions this year. A few years back I was in the UK and took the opportunity to participate in Games Day Birmingham, a long time goal of mine. What a wicked event. So… hobbysome! As a long time fan of the game I was stoked to be able to get some books signed and have my picture taken (by random shaky-handed gamers) with some of the greats, as seen below. I like to think that my conversations somehow influenced 8th edition development in some way, real or imagined.

Jervis and I share a photo... and a hairline. He was keen to hear how I thought magic needed "a bit more oomph".
Alessio loves NZ and spent 5-10 minutes telling me about his trips here, cameos in movies and name-dropping Peter J. It's ironic that I am now name-dropping Alessio.
Nathan does his best dour Gotrek while I try not look awkward with the arm of a man in a cowboy shirt around me.
Tim: You know Gav, CSM are a bit "out there," don't you think? I've heard 'less is more' with 40k players. Gav: Good idea. To the codex!

Missing is my chat with Mike Lee (Nagash books) and Graham MacNeil, author of the Empire book. It was closing time and like the other Scottish people in my life that I know and love, he wouldn't stop talking to let me back into my departing bus. But I did make sure he signed my army book and utter the blessings of Sigmar.

PS. Some rumour-fun… Warhammer Siege. December. Called "Blood in the Badlands". Contains a re-work of Mighty Empires and tracks one of the studio campaigns, with siege rules included. Looks like I'm ordering a fortress for Xmas!


  1. Damnit Timbo, you're so famous it sickens me :(

  2. Nah I'm the equivalent to the WFRP career 'Camp Follower'. Just a ConGeek :) Though it can be useful to allow people to think I know the rulemakers.

    Besides, now I can get by just by knowing YOU!