Monday, October 10, 2011

'Contingents' Rumours and End-of-Year Tournaments

 I Love to Rumour-Monger

Yet more exciting rumours are emerging, which has me questioning whether GW really have cracked down on their secrecy policies - Ogres and Dreadfleet seemed to get the same amount of pre-announcement attention, so it will be interesting to see how the latest spate of rumours pan out.

The contingents/allies supplement seems inevitable, really. In a sense it's a return of the Dogs of War, but not quite. From what I can gather there are small releases planned (initially in White Dwarf) for contingents from places such as Araby/Tilea/Kislev, making use of new and old models, which can be added to existing forces. I wouldn't be surprised if it used a similar mechanic to the Storm of Magic Scrolls of Binding, or Pacts. It is rumoured the rules include ways of adding contingents from existing armies as well. A new race is supposed to include some kind of insectoid people alluded to in the Ogre Kingdom's background. Rules for pikes are being thrown around.

Interesting stuff, hope it's true - I really want to add a Border Princes force to my Southern Empire list!

End of Year Tournaments

GuardCon has come and gone, another very well run event! The Tronhammer boys won a hard-fought first round grudge against the League of Extraordinary Nerdymen, which saw us take the Bombay Cup south.

Silverware! Looking forward to defending it :)
The rest of the event did not go so well for us, but it was great to get some games in against some quality players and some tough lists. There was some confusion with the army composition requirements and expected level of army list strength on my part, but I was doing OK until dropping the last game big time. So overall a disappointing finish and an at-times frustrating event for me and some others (I heard "knife to a gunfight" muttered a few times). Despite such a big field, there were a few games with Tron-brothers being matched up against each other, but by and large it was nice to play against some new faces.

One of the best things about the event was the quality of painting in all the armies I saw. What a delight!

A view of the field shortly before being spanked by Locky's Skaven

Added bonus pic of Christian (Shadowmancer)'s nicely-painted Beastman army from the Bomby Cup round

Depending on how the Conquest tournament goes down south, a number of us may be attending the NZ Masters event in December. I am really looking forward to seeing how that goes, with a chance that unmodified ETC restrictions will be used.

Club Stuff

The inaugural TUGToA  (Tronhammer Ultimate Grand Tournament of Awesome) event will hopefully kick off next month, with Mark One Comics and Games helping us out with some prize support. This will be run for our own club, and something a bit different. I will write about it in detail later. I hope to run an open event next year however, as I know some of the Tauranga guys are keen to get some games in with us! (I promise I will give you heaps of notice too :D)

I Love to Army Builder

Lastly, this just needs to be said. Army Builder is awesome. They really look after their subscribers, and happily implement suggestions made on their forums.

They now have the Warhammer Forge rules built into the current file, which means I can play around with some nice theme-y lists while looking out for the environment and not using up paper and ink. Hopefully Lone Wolf also include WFRP 3rd Edition into their RPG management software (although our current players are enjoying making their own spreadsheets for that).



  1. Great to play against you first round Tim. Need to have a return match at some stage. Hopefully the later rounds of the tournament on the higher tables.

  2. You too, bro! Hopefully we can catch up with you and the other LOEN guys before the next GuardCon, we really have some great games against you dudes :)

  3. As long as catching up doesn't mean, LOEN taking the silverware back again. Hrm, need to get some enrgaving done too actually.

  4. The Elven Shining Host are out sharpening sticks for the coming LOEN & Tron match. See you guys at the Masters and the next tournament is Equinox to decide the silverware :)

  5. Ah Phil apologies, didn't immediately recognise the moniker! See you very soon indeed :)