Monday, October 10, 2011

'Contingents' Rumours and End-of-Year Tournaments

 I Love to Rumour-Monger

Yet more exciting rumours are emerging, which has me questioning whether GW really have cracked down on their secrecy policies - Ogres and Dreadfleet seemed to get the same amount of pre-announcement attention, so it will be interesting to see how the latest spate of rumours pan out.

The contingents/allies supplement seems inevitable, really. In a sense it's a return of the Dogs of War, but not quite. From what I can gather there are small releases planned (initially in White Dwarf) for contingents from places such as Araby/Tilea/Kislev, making use of new and old models, which can be added to existing forces. I wouldn't be surprised if it used a similar mechanic to the Storm of Magic Scrolls of Binding, or Pacts. It is rumoured the rules include ways of adding contingents from existing armies as well. A new race is supposed to include some kind of insectoid people alluded to in the Ogre Kingdom's background. Rules for pikes are being thrown around.

Interesting stuff, hope it's true - I really want to add a Border Princes force to my Southern Empire list!