Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Books and Armies - Three Things I Am Excited About

It's hard to count the number of sleeps until a highly anticipated release when you have no idea when it will be out. Alas, I try to count them all the same. Here are the things I am currently losing sleep over;

1. Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos

This was released to attendees of Games Day this year and should be available online in the next few weeks. I've been looking forward to it all year, even though it will not be in its original form that Rick Priestley had set out (a series of books, each covering a different Chaos god). The highlights for me are the Nuln content and the Chaos list which combines Beastmen, Warriors, and Daemons. Chaos Dwarfs are worth a look too. Most of all I am looking forward to using it for a club campaign I have been wanting to run for a long time now.

What's nice is that it will utilise the Scrolls of Binding rules from Storm of Magic, which means I can actually use the amazing models I get from Warhammer Forge in games with people hesitant of playing outside GW sanctioned rulesets.

Also on the shopping list is the Amethyst wizard on the Carmine Dragon, Magisterix Elspeth von Draken.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

WFB Rankings and Tournament News


Whatever issues one might have with the RHQ system of rankings, and whether its existence benefits or detracts from the spirit of the game as a whole, it surely has done great things for the tournament scene. So long as an event will contribute to the entrant's overall rankings, it is an extra motivation to participate, and to be competitive.

We certainly found that to be the case, and our frequent tournament attendances are beginning to pay off in getting our names 'up there on the board'.

Dan has now made it up to #3 in the New Zealand rankings, netting the Best General - Daemons icon, and also placing at #9 Daemon General worldwide.

Jimmy is currently ranked #15 in the New Zealand rankings, and has the Best General - Dark Elves icon, placing #24 out of Dark Elf Generals worldwide.

Tim is ranked #17 in the New Zealand rankings, and holds the Best General - Empire icon, placing #15 out of Empire generals worldwide.

As a club, Tronhammer is currently ranked #4 in the New Zealand rankings, behind the City Guard, Christchurch Wargaming Club, and The Mournival.

We are very proud of our achievements this year, and hope to improve on our tournament play and better our game against the top players. Next year we hope to enter more of our club members into the local tournament scene, which this year has been very lively despite the '8th Edition killed Warhammer' fallacy going around.