Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hobbying in the Tron

Wow, it's been ages since I last posted, which is completely unfair because there has been a whole heap of Warhammery goodness going down.

Admittedly the fantasy battles games have been light for a few weeks, but this is more like the calm before the storm as we look forward to GuardCon in October. Phil from City Guard has promised a fantastic event, and the much-desired Bombay Cup is up for grabs! I'm sure there will be frenzied list testing to do closer to the submission deadline. We are also due our next massive multiplayer game very soon (seven players on one table...).

Looking back further into the depths of July, Dan and Jim attended the Tin Soldier IV tournament, and Dan came away with his third 2nd placing of the year! 'Always the bridesmaid', to be sure, but it's early days yet Dan. Jimmy also did very well, but as he didn't take the big gribly required in the player's pack, missed out on the 10 tournament points needed to push him to the podium. You can head to YouTube to catch Luke's (aka Vaul) games against Jim and Dan.

Meanwhile, a couple of us have been trying out new armies. Marty showed up one day to a Battle Royale between my Empire and Mark's Dark Elves, with a Lizardman army no-one knew about! He dominated that game and the Tronhammer world had to pause and take stock of the new challenges ahead. I hope I still get to see his Vampires out on the table though, them and me go way back.

In the works is the Tronhammer Club Tournament, and I hope to have some quality prizes available for the boys, to get the competitive juices flowing and give the event some prestige. At this stage we are looking at starting in November/December, to allow those with new armies and units some time to get things ready.

Speaking of which, I am slowly chipping away at my unpainted models. I hope to have a 4.5k army complete by the end of the year. My latest project was a captasus (Captain on Pegasus) to fit into my Nuln themed army.

Captain-Engineer Niklaus von Shulmann on his modified version of one of Frau Meikle's 'carriageless horses'.

I also have plenty more handgunners, pistoliers and war machines to paint yet, not to mention the Warhammer Forge models awaiting my attention.

In other purchases, I picked up a copy of Storm of Magic, and have to say am quite impressed, despite the misgivings of the larger internet community. In particular I look forward to using the Bound Monster rules in normal games, which will enable us to use some of the currently unused models in our collection.

Of great focus lately has been our foray into tabletop role-playing, and what better system to use than Warhammer 3rd edition? It has been great to introduce the genre to folks who are new to RPG's, including my partner, and so far we have been having an awesome time. I had acquired several of the boxed sets in the last few years and it has been a delight to finally get to use them. I have also been converting 1st and 2nd edition content to this new ruleset, and it has been 'so far, so good'.  In the future I will consider posting up some of our WFRP adventures.

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