Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wisdom of the Ancients

Internet Articles That Have Inspired Me

Hold the comp onions. Hey, isn't Alessio Italian?

Warhammer as a hobby takes a bit of inspiration now and again to keep all the sparkles and fairy dust at a maintainable level. Back in my wide-eyed and pimply days, the sole source of inspiration for the hobby derived from GW itself, in the form of the monthly White Dwarf and the occasional supplement, such as General's Compendium.

Once I had steady access to the internet, the very second thing I searched for was more Warhammers. I can remember the GW forums and online articles, before they took them all down, supposedly believing the internet to be a passing fad. After that all I could find was a depressing amount of anti-inspiration, much of which has been carefully maintained over the years. More recently, however, I have had the pleasure of reading some true gems that have helped me and my hobbying out in a big way.