Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Dark Alliance Marches on Nuln

The stable-hand had been strapped upright to his master's horse, though he was very much dead. When Lindmann's spies intercepted the creature, it was wild and rabid. The boy's head had been twisted around to face backwards, and a rotten fruit had been stuffed into his mouth, wrapped in decrepit parchment. Knowing full well what the message meant, and knowing equally well that the bureaucracy in Nuln would not take action, the scouts sent word directly to the Lord Protector himself.
 * * *
Lord Teclis was visiting Nuln to hold counsel with the Chancellor of the Nuln University regarding ancient items held there. A messenger burst in bringing word of an undead invasion, the first for many years. Teclis waved his hand dismissively. These affairs were not of Ulthuan's concern. The second messenger to arrive that day belonged to the vanguard of Lord Protector Lindmann. The undead were joined by the Dark Elves of Naggaroth. This DID concern Ulthuan. Teclis left hurridly and ordered the deployment of his retinue alongside the Nuln Expeditionary Force.


River = River of Blood
Forest = Wildwood
All buildings = normal
Fences = Blessed Bulwarks and Ghost Fences

The Empire troops deployed the bulk of thier force on thier left flank, but the Hydras were of concern. The Empire General also deployed on the left to try to limit the impact of the Hydras.

Teclis and some archers garrissoned the large ruined tower. Other ranged units defended Blessed Bulwarks. Empire artillery set up on right flank in response to Grave Guard and Vampire Lord deployment, as did the Steam Tank. Sword Masters and Pistoliers also deployed on right flank to counter the Shades in the trees and the Varghulf. The Wraiths and Banshee set up to counter the Steam Tank.

Destruction Turn 1

The entirety of the forces of Destruction move forward as fast as they can. The undead march on the right flank is hindered by the Blood River. One of the Shades is ripped apart by the Wildwood. Teclis ably protects the forces of Order from the magical energies of the Dark Elves and undead, with the help of the Blessings of Sigmar. The remaining Shades unleash their repeater handbows on the Pistoliers, but the armour of the horsemen prevents injury.

Order Turn 1

The Empire rank-and-file troops on the right flank shuffle sideways to make room for the High Elf Spearmen in the battle line. The Pistoliers ride forward as close as they dare to the wraiths, hoping to bait them into a charge to protect the expensive machinery moving up on their flank. The Steam Tank moves around behind the Pistoliers, out of the frontal arc of the Wraiths. The Sword Masters wheel to face the oncoming Varghulf. The Dragon Princes shuffle to the left to better position themselves around the Bane Stone.

Teclis unleashes the fury of the Wind of Ghyran. Gnarled creatures emerge from the ground beneath the Grave Guard, and just under a third of their number are pulled below, including the Wight King Battle Standard Bearer with the Drakenhoff Banner. The other High Elf Mage casts a spell of arrow attraction on their hated cousins, the Black Guard.

The Great Cannon openes the artillery battery, knocking the head off the Varghulf threatening the right flank. The Helstorm and Mortar shell the Vampire's skeletons and Grave Guard and several of the rotting automatons are blown to pieces. The engineer releases a pigeon bomb but the poor hapless creature explodes mid-flight. The hatch of the Steam Tank flings open for a moment, long enough for the engineer inside to stick his head out, draw his repeater pistol, and pop some caps into the Grave Guard. It slams shut again just as quick. The High Elf archers take aim at the Black Guard and kill a few, but not enough to reduce a rank. The Noble in the tower draws his magical Reaver Bow and slays one of the wraiths.

Destruction Turn 2

Mistrust and poor diplomacy between the Destruction command begin to show and tensions begin to be felt. The Dark Alliance shifts from being a trusted alliance to a suspicious one.

The Forces of Destruction coming down the left flank move as fast as they can, and not having a river to disrupt them, make good progress. The Grave Guard reform, and the rest of the army move as best they can, up to, and in the ghoul's case, over the river. The wraiths charge the Pistoliers, who flee. The wraiths cannot catch them and are left exposed. The Shades (and the secret assassin hiding with them) are completely wiped out by the ferocious forest.

The magical efforts of Destruction are again thwarted by the stalwart Teclis. The repeater crossbowmen manage to pincushion 3 halberdiers.

Order Turn 2

The Witch Hunter, the Swordsmen and the Halberdiers charge the Dark Elf Spearmen. The Witch Hunter hoped to get into their flank or have more than a clipped corner to prevent the hydra getting into combat but there was not enough room. The Pistoliers rally and move to the left in front of Teclis' building, and away from the Wraiths. The Sword Masters move towards the action, and the Steam Tank maneuvers itself to face the flank of the ghouls. The Dragon Princes shuffle further towards the tower.

Teclis again unleashes the Dweller's Below, this time on the ghouls. Curse of Arrow attraction is cast on the Varghulf. The Witch Hunter prays to Sigmar and is gifted with the fury of His hammer. The Elven archers shoot at the Varghulf but cannot quite kill it. The Empire Great Cannon finishes the job, however. The Mortar and a successful pigeon bomb (if such a fate is indeed successful) reduce the Vampire Lord's unit to a single skeleton. The Handgunners kill several ghouls. The Steam Tank opens up its steam gun and liquefies several more ghouls. The corsairs are clipped by a rocket.

The Dark Elf Spearmen kill a dozen halberdiers, and though the Empire troops fight furiously, the protection granted to the Spearmen by the Cauldron of Blood prevent crippling damage to be inflicted.

Destruction Turn 3

A Hydra charges the Witch Hunter, and is able to clip the swordsmen in the combat as well. The Black Guard charges out of the river and into the High Elf Spearmen. The ghouls reform and the Grave Guard head towards the Sword Masters. The Corsairs continue forth. The Supreme Sorceress on the Dark Pegasus soars around the flank of the Empire combat and prepares a spell. The other Hydra maneuvers towards the rear.

The Supreme Sorceress gathers all her power and casts the Purple sun of Xereus towards the combat. The Witch Hunter and his altar are completely turned into amethyst, as well as several state troops. Teclis sighs. He would have to stay in this smelly Empire for an extra week to reverse the transmutation. The magical backlash from such an outlet of energy causes a wound to the lesser Sorceress.

The Corsairs open fire on the Pistoliers, killing all but one. The luckless horseman flees through the Dragon Princes who hold firm. The fate of mortals does not concern them. The Repeater Crossbowmen manage to skewer two unfortunate Greatswords.

The Dark Elf Spearmen and the Empire halberdiers continue their slug fest, with neither one giving ground. The Swordsmen are stomped and flamed by the Hydra and flee the combat with just two men remaining.

Order Turn 3

The Dragon Princes charge the ghouls, and the Steam Tank plough's into the flank. The Sword Masters charge the Grave Guard emerging from the river, while the Greatswords lunge headlong into the large block of Skeletons. The lone Pistolier fails to rally and flee the table. The two swordsmen continue to flee from the Hydra.

Arrow Attraction is cast on the Corsairs but overall not much magic was in effect. Empire artillery sight in on the skeleton and the Vampire Lord, and while the skeleton perishes, the Lord manages to avoid the damage of a cannon ball with his potent magical protection. Archers are only marginally effective on the Corsairs.

The halberds and Spearmen again trade blows and both hold. The Black Guard and the High Elf Spearmen vent all their ancient anger on each other and the result is a blood bath to match the flowing river behind them, with neither giving ground. The Sword Masters and the Grave Guard fare similarly, though the undead warriors' fighting prowess is aided by the Vampire Lord's Helm of Commandment. The Greatswords kill 25 skeletons but are unable to wipe them out. The Steam Tank and the Dragon Princes combined flatten the ghouls under iron wheels and Mithrill horse-shoes.

Both sides have taken heavy casualties, and both seem unwilling to commit to further bloodshed, so the respective forces withdraw to count their losses and tend to the wounded...

Order: 1274
Destruction: 549


  1. Great game, glad I got to watch part of it, pity about the 3 turns, not really enough for all nefarious or englightened schemes to come in to fruition. I think the winner on the day is your battle report and that could only be improved if people would just paint more of their models so you could post more photographs!

  2. Cheers dude! Yeah one day we will be all painted. I keep looking at the photo I took of our left flank in the full battle line (AL, Sw, H, Sp, GS and Archers) and think "... damn. That's cool."